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Are ICTs emancipating women???

The introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been believed that will bring more opportunities for both men and women to increase their capabilities and utilities. Some thought so that it would bring to voice of the most vulnerable … Continue reading

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Is there a fisherwoman?

Now, you have come here with perhaps little bit wonder why fisherwoman was my title? Have you have heard in Cambodia where men or women have told you that fisherwomen are on the boat fishing or with strong storm, winds … Continue reading

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If women exist, why dont we talk about them in the postive way?

Some concerns over the fact that women still remain uncounted in both participating and contributing to the development and its impacts of the country. I am aware of the other gender who dont fall into the category of either male … Continue reading

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Climate change does discriminate…

Climate change is now on the top of international agenda. Everyone is worried about this climate change that would eventually destroy the whole world if we are not prepared to take this challenge and look for better solution to tackle … Continue reading

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How ICTs are used for community development?

There plenty of debates on how Information and Communication Technologies are used to help the communities  for better self reliance. The power of technologies as well as education can change the world.  I am here once again to bring you … Continue reading

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