Are ICTs emancipating women???

The introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been believed that will bring more opportunities for both men and women to increase their capabilities and utilities. Some thought so that it would bring to voice of the most vulnerable women and men to be heard. However, some argued that as long as technology designers are not gender sensitive, then ICT will not be beneficiaries to women, but for men.

Technology such as telecommunication, for example in India in the case of call centers, women have the chance to be in the front in term of employment and incomes to the families. In the case of Africa while women joined together in promoting, selling and marketing their textile online and likewise in the US and Cambodia where women and youth/young couples access to reproductive counseling with medical or specialist through internet. Additionally, social networking where all Khmer abroad get connected is becoming a popular now… These thanks to the advancement of the technology which have opened up doors and windows for men and women’s status to be socially and economically enhanced.

However, some other have challenged that the introduction of technology has not been to assist women in emancipating themselves from such patriarchal society; as long as women are not incorporated in the designs of the technology, men are not made to see and acknowledge their domination of women as well as women are not accessing/controlling to their resources. What is your opinions? Does the technical aspect of the “men” sufficiently to meet the needs of women online?


About pheapgds

Development practitioner, with interests in gender studies, sexuality, local planning, research and capacity building andDRR/Climate Change.
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