Climate change does discriminate…

Climate change is now on the top of international agenda. Everyone is worried about this climate change that would eventually destroy the whole world if we are not prepared to take this challenge and look for better solution to tackle it.

This change is not going to harm people discriminatory. Of course, some maybe more affected than others. Poor women and men may also struggle to survive differently. Major contributions to this climate change are human activities, deforestation, green house emission,etc… For example, families living along the sea where the only livelihood is fishing would be so badly suffered from the sea level rising. Taking into account of gender division of labour and social norms. This causes even more trouble, for example, in Asia where the fishing is very much male dominated and therefore less fishing available puts men into a more risky of not being to support the whole family as breadwinner anymore. Similarly, in Asia and Africa where majority of the farmers are women would also more greatly be the victims of this climate change in comparing to men whose diversified options of livelihoods are more flexible. Predicted by scientists that Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York will be at risks or flooding in the decades to come.

In fact, there is no use to challenge this difference on and on but what is important is to find better adaptation and resilience to assist poor countries and look for alternative energy solutions.


About pheapgds

Development practitioner, with interests in gender studies, sexuality, local planning, research and capacity building andDRR/Climate Change.
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