If women exist, why dont we talk about them in the postive way?

Some concerns over the fact that women still remain uncounted in both participating and contributing to the development and its impacts of the country. I am aware of the other gender who dont fall into the category of either male or female, though for the sake of this article, I am just using women and men ( Apology for those who are not of them, but I promise i will come back with another blog dealing specifically on gays, lesbians, transgenders and so on).

In the attempt of this article, I shall outline several things on how can our policies be more inclusive towards gender, the different needs of both women and men and recogising their each individual needs to achieving gender equity. Three points shall be raised are: (1) Engendering public policies, (2) Men, you gotta do it, (3) Women, let’s get up and take action. I will be as brief and simple as I can.

Women Empowerment Indicators are limited to only certain levels, for eg. parliamentarian positions held women. However, I am referring is on the process of mainstreaming gender into our government policies. We see most of the positions and departments are occupied by male, and yet with limited understanding of the women’s needs, (I am not talking about reproductive needs, but the needs for their development, the ability). Of course gender is no one business, but the business of all to ensure our policy is well enough addressing those needs. To do so, we must provide all necessity things and means to help bring women more into the position all every sphere where they can influence and make change in their lives and the lives of other women. These means include chances and access to and control of education, economic, politics, social, recreations and making the choices they wished to make, not the choices which have already given; otherwise, man, these are not going to help them but pushing them back into their private spheres.

My second point is rquiring more attention from the male involvement. It is impossible to build up a complete package of women empowerment or addressing the needs of women so that their voices can be heard without engaging men into. Various debates on such issues are still ongoing, especially if women status are to be improved, men’s status must also be adapted to. This is an opportunity where we can contribute as male to bring changes in the lives of our sisters, wives, aunt, mother and those who may benefit from it. Wake up guys, you are a part of the changes that you can help improve those who need it. Women alone will be hard and that is where you as male come in, not just to push but to coordinate, adapt and allow spaces where women can come in.

My last concern is to alert you that ‘as women, we have no longer have to accept the traditional roles as only cooker and mother but developer and builder of the nation’. We have heard very often that any attempts to break the culture is bad and not good at all to do so. What’s I am telling you is that culture has been evolving all the times. It is changing and it will not be stuck here. Get up, get aware, get forward, take action and dont give up! You have the rights and chances as others to move on. My hope is that once you have aware of your own rights and privileges, then utilise it with the maximum capacity. Slowly, we build the castle.

In my concluding debate remains that all stakeholders must be in. We have seen three points from the government, men and women. Yet we cannot ignore the social structures that have influenced our lives everyday and these structures include families, religious, schools, medical and other social institutions must be also adapted and worked with together for such other means to come in. Without addressing these social structures and other aforementioned, it would be quite impossible to bring women in, both development and evaluating their impacts.


About pheapgds

Development practitioner, with interests in gender studies, sexuality, local planning, research and capacity building andDRR/Climate Change.
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