Is there a fisherwoman?

Now, you have come here with perhaps little bit wonder why fisherwoman was my title? Have you have heard in Cambodia where men or women have told you that fisherwomen are on the boat fishing or with strong storm, winds or climate change affecting greatly on women? Maybe not!

My aims of writing this little blog is to alert readers that how we are so blindly ignored the fact that women also go fishing. Many reports includig published news recently as well as personnel working in related departments claimed that fishermen are hardest hit by the climate change or strong storm. What such a imbalanced of statements where many women as well as men go on fishing but her contributions and realisation of her efforts did not get any notices? Not only that, their impacts of flooding or disaster received so little attention that women do not get any affects from that. Doing so further will marginalise women but also reproducing the gender bias in both intervention and relief assistance.

Should also note that the Tsumani report recently show that women and kids are very much vulnerable to the disaster given such socially and cultural constructed in term of what should be so called appropriate.

This has gathered for an attention that such impacts of disaster or climate change is very much socially context specific but also locally and globally influenced. Give the gender division of labour where women are given role as household/wives and caregivers, as long as this nottion remains alive and we dont act anything towards this, women will continue to be dismissed not from just development assistance but also her great contribution would go un-notice. How will we make sure that we can transform such idea? Later of my next post will be available soon. Come by and let us share.


About pheapgds

Development practitioner, with interests in gender studies, sexuality, local planning, research and capacity building andDRR/Climate Change.
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