Trans-boundary and DRM Forum

The Regional Dialogue on Trans-boundary Water and Disaster Management in North-East Cambodia, a joint effort of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) was held in Mondulkiri Province, as a starting venue for dialogue and discussions to bring to the fore key regional and long-standing issues of trans-boundary disaster and water management in thenorth-Eastern region of Cambodia.

Vulnerability assessments completed by IOM  in the provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri (2009) and Stung Treng (2010) revealed high vulnerability levels of surveyed communities to natural hazards, particularly flood (slow onset and flash floods) and drought. The devastation caused by flooding during the onslaught of Typhoon Ketsana drew attention to how dynamic pressures as well as vulnerable conditions can worsen the impacts of a disaster. The Ketsana Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (2010) reported that of the 14 poor provinces hit by the typhoon, Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri and Stung Treng provinces ranked high in terms of poverty levels. Additionally, these provinces suffered substantial losses in the health, education and transport sectors, and disruptions in rural water supply.

One of the key issues for disaster risk management in the North-East is the cooperation between nations and their counterpart regions in trans-boundary water management. Viet Nam and Cambodia are countries in the Lower Mekong Basin, with sharedborders in the North-Eastern provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri bordering the Central Highland provinces of Kon Tum and Gia Lai, and the tributary flows in the Se San, Sre Pok, and Sekong.

(Source: The Forum Concept Note: more to be reported later)


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