About Ratanakiri Province

Ratanakiri province locates Northeast Cambodia, about 588K from Phnom Penh. A province that used to be isolated but now opening to outside world with better road and other infrastructure systems in placed.

The province is famous for ecotourism, stones  and other natural resources. Some of the most interesting places to visits include Yeak Loam Crater Lake, Kachang Water, Katieng Water and other indigenous villages.

Please come and explore the untouched areas of Cambodia.


2 Responses to About Ratanakiri Province

  1. Mr. Rathy says:

    I have heard a lot of good things about Ratanakiri and I wish I could go there one time but now I don’t have a chance yet. I wish also learn more about the life of people there and specially about the nature because I like nature very much. I believe I will be there one day because it is part of my country and it is also part of my land there too. Just suggest, we should take care our environment or the resource there and I am sure it will become one of the develop province in the future because our people and specially the people who are living and working there. Cambodia is a wonder country!

  2. pheapgds says:

    Thanks for the words. You are welcome to visit anytime. Let me know if you are coming. Cheers

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