Me and My Wife

Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

I am thinking of engaging more discussions with friends as I havebeen isolated my self for quite a very long time. in fact, some of these articles are transferred from my previous blog, which was broken down. Please kindly drop me a line or feel free to share your thoughts.

I believe things are possible if you committed for it. Getting through different stages of life, from a young street boy to become a English teacher, a tour guide, a BA student at the University of Cambodia, a English Diploma Graduate from ACE and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) MSc in Gender and Development Studies graduated, funded by the Government of Japan.

Life is not simple but nothing is impossible to make! I am sayingdoes not intend to incite anyone but rather for an encouragement for life. I am very fortunate to marry my wife, Phok Sokuntheary, whose has shared-passion, love,  comforts and understanding.

Theary was born in 1982, same age as mine. She also graduated with BA in Education from the University of Cambodia, where I also took my BA in Business Management. She is currently conducting her social research on cultural barriers in birth spacing, a partial fulfillment of her Msc in Health Social Sciences, Mahidol University, Thailand, under the Rockefeller Scholarship Foundation.


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